Migrant workforce human resources from Indonesia are thoroughly suited for Dubai and the Middle East, particularly in the security and hospitality industry. Indonesia, especially Bali and Lombok, is very well known for servicing the hospitality and tourism sectors with decades of experience and satisfied holidaymakers. The natural smiling and friendly character of the Indonesian people makes them great candidates for the hospitality and service industry. Customer service and client satisfaction with a focus on five-star service orientation come naturally to the Indonesian people. With the exceptionally long track record of Bali and Lombok’s tourism industry, it’s no wonder that having an Indonesian national part of your team will increase productivity and positive customer experiences. Hence, boosting your reviews and giving your customers a sense of elite service within your business.

In Indonesia, there are seven pillars trained to comply entirely with your business; these are as follows:

  • Safety and wellbeing of the customer.
  • Discipline and keeping an orderly and structured workplace.
  • Cleanliness, presentation, and personal hygiene in and out of the workplace.
  • Retaining the customer and making their environment feel comfortable.
  • Keeping one’s self and work area beautiful for ongoing tourism activities.
  • Friendliness and creating a friendly atmosphere.
  • Creating exceptional moments for the customer with attention to positive customer experience.


Alqadar Manpower Elite Security Contractors

Our security guards start their training inside the policemilitary camps in Indonesia. This rigorous and challenging training shapes and forms our guards to be exceptionally highly equipped individuals in the security industry. All of our entry-level guards are trained in hand-to-hand combat, hostage negotiation, non-forceful situation diffusion, legal powers and obligations, civil and criminal law general understanding, emergency procedures, detecting, observing and reporting, searching of individuals, escorting techniques, conflict resolution, first aid, monitoring and controlling traffic, access control, crowd control, finding and identifying hazards, terrorist emergency controls.

Our security guards are decorated with all the undeniable training and qualification above industry standards. All of our guards go through a strict selection process that delivers certification, experience and professional general appearance and presentation. A highly professional and well-equipped security guard with 5 star presentation represents your business from the first impression. Your company, business, or property is in safe and reliable hands with Alqadar Manpower’ elite security services.

Police and military trained with excellent customer service and conflict resolution experience, medium level hand-to-hand combat training, complete police military training certification issued at the government of Indonesia PM base. Senior first aid, traffic control training and access control training.


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Alqadar Manpower Elite Security Contractors


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